The Secret Upper Abs Workout That Will Keep You Tone

Upper abs workout

Are you too busy for the gym? There are ways to get the abs you want without going to the gym.

Whether you are bending over to pick up garbage from the floor of your home, or pulling the cereal box from the cabinet, or swinging a golf club, you need a strong and robust core to make fluid movements.

Strong and flexible core will improve your posture,and keep you from injury. If you get injured, core exercises will be a part of your rehab. Your abs give you the stability to make power moves. Today you will learn core upper abs workout that will help you get toned.


How To Avoid Injury While Doing Ab Exercises

If you are doing ab exercises then you need to pay attention to the proper form. This protects you from injury and helps you get the benefit of each exercise.

Planks, lunges, and squats have been a part of the new core workouts. However, crunches and sit-ups are no longer part of the regimen. The reason is they are can cause back problems by only targeting abdominal muscles.


Misconceptions About Abs

Every person has abs, but they are covered by fat. It’s a myth that strong abs gives you the visual six pack. The truth is it’s low body fat! If you have too much body fat covering your abs, then no amount of hours of leg raises or crunches you do will matter. You must get control over your diet to get lean in order for the six packs to show. A body fat decrease is the way to go. So eating healthy and some cardio is the first step to see visual results.


There are some who teach that you can do the same workout over and over again to get great abs. It’s a myth. You need diversity in your workouts, or the body will get used to it. I hear the commercials saying “Try my 7 minute ab workout plan”. These are schisters trying to gain a buck. It doesn’t matter what you do in the gym, if you are not watching what you eat and getting in some cardio. You must trim the fat, and eat a healthy diet if you want abs.


How To Improve Your Workout Routine

If you can get the basics down of your abs workout, then you are halfway there. But what happens when you stop seeing the results? There are basic principles that dictate how well you benefit from a single workout. Knowing them can give you the edge over someone else.


The principles of FITT. Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type. This set of rules will help you avoid a plateau and keep your body off guard.  


Frequency is how much you exercise. 

Workout routine

Weekly goals and objectives


Intensity is how hard you exercise.


Time is how long you exercise.


Type is what kind of exercise you are doing.


When you use FITT your body will start to improve. You will start to see some changes as far as your fat percentage, weight, endurance, and strength. As your body adjusts to your FITT level, all you need to do is adjust one of the levels. It may be the time or frequency. For instance, if you’ve been running for 15 minutes per day, next time run for 25 minutes. By changing any of the variables of FITT every five weeks will help keep the training effect going.


The Most Neglected Ab Muscle People Ignore

There’s a secret that professional trainers will not let you in on. You will never get washboard abs by only working the abs and obliques. The part we never hear about exercising is the transverse abdominis or TrA. It is the innermost muscle in the ab section that hardly gets a workout.


This muscle is responsible for a hard flat belly. It’s also responsible in prevention of lower back pain and stability in the pelvis and spine. The reason our ancestors had a strong core is that they were not couch potatoes, or didn’t have a desk job. Crunches and sit-ups only focus on the rectus abdominis (six pack muscles) and the internal / external obliques (love handles).


When you are experiencing back pain after working your core, it may be your forgetting to workout the whole core.


Hidden Facts You Need To Know

The TrA is the innermost muscle before hitting the organs. It’s function is to compress the rib cage, while stabilizing the spine and pelvis area. If you neglect this muscle it will be difficult to achieve a six pack. This muscle also stops a protruding abdomen. So it makes sense to spend time working out these muscles so you can achieve the washboard abs you deserve.


When lifting something off the ground with poor mechanics can cause disc damage in the spine. To prevent these back injuries weight lifters and delivery people wear weight belts. The belts serve the same functions as the TrA. However, a person with a strong core including the TrA doesn’t need to wear a belt and won’t injure the back.


To strengthen this muscle requires you to suck in your stomach like you’re trying to push the belly button through the spine. Try to start out at about 5 seconds then relax. Once you get used to it try it 30 seconds, then one minute. Other exercises that help are planks, dead bugs, and side planks.


Here Are Some Of The Best Core Exercises

Bicycle exercise


bicycle exercise


To perform this exercise,  lie flat, place hands behind the head,  make the elbows flare out to the sides. Bring  legs off the ground while making a pedaling Motion in the air. Crunch the upper abs while touching each elbow to the opposite  knee.


Hanging knee raises


Hanging knee raises


Using a pull-up bar, hang from the bar with your legs slightly bent. Crunch the abs while bringing the knees to the chest. Try to avoid swinging and keep the abs tight.






Lie down on the ground. Knees bent  at a 45 degree angle. Place feet under a fixed object. Cross arms over chest or place hands behind ears. In a controlled motion bring chest up until the arms connect with the upper thighs. Lower the chest back down. Repeat steps.


Elbow to knee twist sit-ups


Elbow to knee twist sit-ups


Lie on the ground with the back flat. Bend the knees at a 45 degree angle. Place feet under a fixed object. Place fingers behind the head. Bring the chest up twisting at the waist until the elbow opposite the knee connects to the knee. Lower the chest down twisting back to starting position. Do one rep per side then switch to the opposite orientation.


Ab V-Ups


Ab V-Ups


Lie on the floor with arms extended overhead with legs straight out, inches off the ground. Simultaneously raise your legs and crunch the abs to form a V between the quads and stomach. Touch the toes and feet at top of motion. Return back down to  the bottom. Now repeat.


Bicycle Crunches


Bicycle Crunches


With your back flat on the floor and legs up in a tabletop position, and hands behind your head. Extend the right leg out and simultaneously crunch your right elbow across into your left knee, and squeeze for one second.

Kick the leg out and bring your right knee into tabletop position, and crunch your left elbow across into your right knee.

Squeeze for one second and alternate back to back without pausing.


Toe Touch Crunch


Toe Touch Crunch


With your back on the floor raise your legs up vertically forming a 90 degree angle with the floor. Raise the arms up over your chest so they are parallel with your legs. This is the starting position. Now without moving your legs, contract your upper abs, raise your chest, and reach upwards towards your toes. Hold the squeeze for one second at the top then come back to the floor.


Plank To dolphin


Plank To dolphin


Start in a forearm plank with arms parallel to each other, palms flat on the floor. Lift hips up and back, making an inverted V with your body. Pause and lower back in the forearm plank. Do this for one minute.




We all have our moments. Overeating on the holidays after starting a diet. The only thing we have to keep us going is our own ambition. Tomorrow take a look in the mirror and say I deserve to look and feel better. It all starts with what you eat. In order to get the abs you want then you need to eat right.


One of the most important things all of us needs to remember is to stay hydrated. The rule is to make sure you are drinking half your bodyweight in ounces an a daily basis. At first it will be hard so take baby steps until you get there.


Eating right means sticking to a plan that doesn’t have you craving for food during the day. All the case studies of long term fat loss say you need to burn more calories than you eat. The exercises above will help you with that. Now I want to help you with the diet.


If you are serious about getting your washboard abs and eating healthy then click here.

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